Interview of the Week

Interview with Pastors Wale & Freda Ajayi


1. What is important when building a strong relationship with God?


Pastor Freda:     We can’t stop praying, spending time in God’s presence and in His word.  It builds you and gives you the confidence you need in God.  These things are crucial and are our strongest roles as Christians.


Pastor Wale:      I agree.  The word of God gives revelation.  In it, God reveals Himself.  We can’t know God on our own.  It’s not just reading but reading in the light of Christ.  Not just to know principles and facts but to know Christ.  It is listening to Jesus even when reading the law and the prophets.  When we see Jesus we see God.


2. What role does the Holy Spirit have in the life of the believer?


Pastor Wale:      The Holy Spirit came to do many things in our lives.  Jesus was a comforter.  When Jesus was here only Jesus could heal, etc.  Another comforter stands in Jesus place to do what Jesus did.  He is an expedient; the Holy Spirit gives us an advantage.  The Holy Spirit brings more – in abundance.  Rather than us being only consumers of God’s power we’ve become distributors.  The Holy Spirit strengthens, empowers and gives us the revelation of Christ.  Believers being filled with the Holy Spirit can heal, etc.  He allows us to be the canvas of Jesus.  When people see us they see Him.  He is the unveiling of Christ in the believer.


3. Where do you see the Church going today?


Pastor Wale:      God is a God of times and seasons.  He is not bound by time because He is God.  The purpose of the end time church is to bring the kingdom of God to earth – a kingdom minded church.  It is not for God to do, it is for the church to do it.  Filling everywhere with God: the 7 mountains, every economy, politics, entertainment, education, etc.  We are all located in different positions, we take the kingdom values and superimpose on the world’s value system.   Believers going into their areas and changing things like fashion, music, legislation, etc, penetrating every sphere taking the battle to the enemy. Preparing the church is what God is going to do through prayer.  Prayer will back this movement up.  Prayer is the first line of defense.  Going out to the nations, not just countries geographically but to groups of people where people share values.  We become a critical group and culture. One of the biggest challenges that exist with the church in the US is that people want God but not His rules.  God is Holiness and He will not change.  Living “holy” is not hard.


4. How should we reach out to an unbeliever?


Pastor Wale:      Many times we are not preaching and communicating the gospel as we should.  The gospel is not condemnation but the good news (2 Cor 5:17-21).  We are to compel others to reconcile themselves with God. The cross proves the love God has for the sinner and the hate He has for sin in the same measure.  God is no longer angry with the sinner.  At this point in time punishment is not for your sin but for rejecting the free gift of salvation through Jesus.  We are to show the sinner the hope there is in Jesus.  Intercession is key to bring people out of sin.  There must be a balance in the message:  God’s good news and the warning of hell fire for rejecting God’s gift of salvation.