Our Founder


Church of God Mission International was founded by Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa in 1974. Although the church was officially registered in 1974, its beginning is very humble and goes back to when our founder; Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa received Jesus as Lord in 1952.

Benson Idahosa was born in Benin, Nigeria on September 11, 1938, as an infant Benson was a sickly and very weak child, his father considered the child unworthy to be his son because he was so weak and thought to be a curse to his household. Benson’s father ordered his mother to abandon him; His mother did as she was told but as she heard the child cry she went back to rescue her son despite her husband’s will. As Benson grew his father continued to show his dislike toward Benson and sent him away to live and work for relatives. As a child one of Benson’s greatest desires was to study but his dream to study was hindered by his duty to work on his uncle’s land as a laborer. Since Benson was subject to rigid work he grew into a strong, hardworking and diligent young man. With all of life’s hardships Benson’s was driven to move ahead in life and his desires to study were not quenched. At the age of 14 he returned to his father’s home at which time his father saw that Benson had become a young man. At the age of 16 Benson moved with his grandmother to Benin City; his grandmother enrolled him into a Methodist boarding school. At the age of 18 with much hard work Benson managed to save enough money to buy himself his first pair of shoes, a new shirt and a new pair of pants; this was the first time in his life he actually felt prosperous.

In 1952, at the age of 24 he received Jesus as Lord after an afternoon of playing soccer with some friends. Soon after his conversion he was asked to teach Sunday school classes; this was when his ministry started. From there Benson fervently started to evangelize. Soon he learned that Jesus had given us power to raise the dead, heal the sick, and he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He not only learned about the power of God that was given us but in his faith started to experience what the word had promised him. He would visit villages and conduct outdoor meetings preaching the gospel. During these meetings many experienced healing and all kinds of miracles from God; Benson continued to be very active in his church. With his work and ministry Benson continued to excel in his own education; during which time he started a bible study in a storefront in Benin.

Benson went on to become a pastor and married a young woman named Margaret, through this union they were blessed with four children and they also adopted children. Margaret Idahosa worked faithfully as a pastor’s wife, mother, teacher and women’s leader. She single handedly established the prestigious word of faith group of schools in 1981 which today boast of a total of 105 schools nationwide. She also established the Christian Women Fellowship International, CWFI which central aim is empowering women to live a Christ centered life. Today CWFI has branches all over Africa and the international community; there yearly international convention brings together women from all walks of life.

Church of God Mission International was established in that very storefront; Benson and Margaret, continued to follow the vision and instructions given to them from the Lord. Benson continued preaching, and as he did, more and more people gave their lives to Christ; the congregation could no longer fit in the storefront church. Church of God Mission International grew in great numbers not only in Nigeria but internationally.
Pastor Benson was ordained Archbishop of Church of God Mission International; embarking on massive projects, one of which is Miracle Centre, the largest church in Africa, Faith Medical Centre, Benson Idahosa University, All Nations for Christ Bible Institute, Word of Faith Group of Schools, with more than 6000 churches established worldwide. On March 12, 1998 the Lord called Archbishop Benson Idahosa home.